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    Lockout Kits
    In this we provide four types safety Lockout Tagout
    Based on the kit

Lockout safety

Lockout tag out devices ensure the dangerous machines are properly isolated and shut off by placing them in such a position that the power sources cannot be turned on and not started up again until the completion of serving or maintenance work.

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Lockout Padlock

Paprsky Safety Lockout padlock are available in range of colours to increase visibility and allow workers to readily see if a device is isolated. Our, Top-Quality Padlocks offer enhanced security features.

Lockout Tags

Lockouts Tags are a highly visible and effective method of communicating required safety messages to anyone around dangerous equipment or power sources.

Lockout Hasp

Hasp is a tamper proof way of ensuring worker safety, as the energy source cannot be restarted until the lockout hasp is removed. We provide a full range of lockout hasps, with different sizes, colors, and styles to suit any application.

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